“Mooroolbark” is the name given to my home town by the Wurundjeri people (“moorool” meaning great water and “bik” meaning place). They lived in the area, which is about 37 km east of Melbourne, for around 50,000 years before I arrived. The very last part of a 50,000 year  time lapse would be sad to watch because so much environmental and spiritual damage would occur towards the very end. However, I  decided to call this album Mooroolbark because, for many reasons Mooroolbark is why I play music.

Album available on ABC JAZZ June 5th, 2015

[mu:/rl/ba:k] frodo walks on two front legs, grandma’s tampon face christmas gift, treasures at the tip , baths in the sink, burhill bohemia,  goya nude above green piano, congo-bongo land,  codger, jack some of those children are not ours, jimmy-john, ducks and duckling with gimpy leg, geese, mice, burnt carnation milk as caramel, tonic water as lemonade, startrites, twenty eight pieces of white bread butter too hard, the gold cupboard, balance coffee cup on head,  green glowing eyeman, modigliani , the curse, anias nin, mason and pearson, spackled white walls of a hundred wall papers , crate of apples from the cool store, jane barnard plays morton’s the pearls, joss playing rondo alaturca, minimum chips, combi bars, fourx mints, the 1812, human owl calls, treasure chests , the lion in winter, climb the greased pole, the pigs trough with colored stools of five elements, wardy will do it, driveway pebble fools gold, olinda pool larceny, solitary log meditation swim out past the horizon , christian dior journeys, mark, pip, yvonne, pembroke gravity point, telepathic fall from piano stool and pinger goes off


Nectar Spur  a chance encounter with Egberto Gismonti & Naná Vasconcelos in1984.

February the month where the new year’s cog teeth officially engage transmission.

Coastroad: A renovators dream; a drive down the great ocean road in the Vanguard Six.

Jendhi and her kaliadescope of life.

Poverty of all sorts; good or bad.

Non-Compliance to those who give orders for the satisfaction of being obeyed.

Transformations  Do not eliminate, but transmute: 7256880

Appletree Apfelbaum one of the most naturally gifted musicians I have ever met.

Mooroolbark 1974  playing a ‘boogie woogie’ at 97 Pembroke Road in 1974



Barney McAll – Piano, Vocals track 1

Julien Wilson – Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet

Steve Magnusson – Guitars

Jonathan Zwartz – Bass

Simon Barker – Drums & Percussion

Mino Cinelu – Percussion track 1,2,4,5,7

Shannon Barnett – Trombone track 6 & 7


Recorded at ABC Studios, Sydney 17 & 18 June, 2014.

Mino Cinelu was recorded by Mino Cinelu in Brooklyn, NY.

Shannon Barnett was recorded at Snap and Burn studios,

Tokyo by Aaron Choulai


All Compositions by Barney McAll (Barnaby McAll Music ASCAP)

Produced by Barney McAll, Engineered by Mitch Kenny

Mixed and Mastered by Hiroyuki Sanada at Command+Z Studios NYC

Assistant Andre Shrimski , Executive Producer Toby Chadd

With gratitude to all the players; Julien, Jonathan, Simon and Steve who really arked up and thanks to Mino Cinelu for going way beyond call of duty.

Mooroobark Musicians Of Note:

Len Barnard, Rebecca Barnard, Shelly Scown, Doug Devries, Michael Jordan, Keith Houslow, The Tailby Twins, Tom Roberts, Donna Fisk, Greg Moorhouse, The Urge, Stuart Phillips, The Moir Sisters,  Archie Roach , Bruce Rowland , Martin Lubran,  Barney McAll, John McAll & Pip McAll.