MonKnow – Investigating the Genius of Thelonious Monk


In this lesson I explore Monk’s voicings, compositional approaches, insights and approaches.

Purchasers get access to a private webpage filled with resources including a tutorial video, scores, writings and further reading/links.



In this video I explore Monk’s voicings, compositional approaches, insights and approaches.

You will also receive good array of MONK resources as well:
  • A rare recording of me in NY w Avashai Cohen (Bassist) playing my arrangement of “Bye Ya”
  • Various MONK Lead sheets
  • Ethan Iverson’s transcription of James P.Johnson’s “Carolina Shout” from 1921
  • A most beautiful .mp3 of a Monk improvisation titled “Chordially” that sounds like some kind of contemporary classical Erik Satie mastepiece.
  • 3 original manuscripts in Monk’s own hand!
I have also included two links videos of my band MonknoW- One I have already posted on Patreon but the other has never before been seen:
  • My band MonknoW Full Shows :
  • MonknoW Live in Sydney
  • MonknoW Live at Birds Basement  (NEW UPLOAD)
  • MonknoW plays Ugly Beauty
with Julien Wilson – Tenor , Scott Mcconachie – Tenor, Sam Anning – Bass, Felix Bloxsom…
Some more amazing links on MONK.

Various aspects of Monk’s compositional approach:

  • Rhythmic displacement of the melody
  • Unconventional forms
  • Unusual turnarounds
  • Harmonic anomalies
  • Straight 8th or 16th note phrases in a swing context
  • Thematic use of intervals
  • Monk’s early works versus later versions of same compositions
  • Clarifying discrepancies and mistakes found in old fakebook versions
  • Tunes based on standards