Received Grant For Composition and Recording Of New Work

This new work for solo voices, choir, pianos, vibraphone, bass and laptop will now come to fruition!

“In this project I will compose and record a new work for 14-piece choir, two lead vocalists (Gian Slater and Sia Furler) two pianos, vibraphone, bass and laptop. Provisionally titled Graft 2, this 60-minute piece will explore the growing and possibly dangerous effect of technology and social media on culture, focus, craftsmanship, childhood and identity via the musical juxtapositions of human voices/computer-based elements, acoustic/electronic sounds and composition/improvisation. The piece is a sequel to my most recent recording Graft (released on Jazzhead Records, May 2012), and seeks to develop and deepen this rich, ambitious, thematic and musical material, as well as consummate a remarkable all-Australian collaboration that brings together key artists Gian Slater & the Invenio choir, pianist Andrea Keller and international sensation Sia Furler. Graft 2 will be a challenging, visceral, lyrical and emotionally charged work that seeks to scrutinize the modern obsession with “curating the exhibition of the self” in the virtual world. It uses cutting edge technology to comment on humanity, and human voices to question technology”.

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