alto sax master gary bartz in performance
a live production co-op event at Loove Music, 58 North 6 st, Williamsburg
Gary Bartz – saxophone
Barney Mcall – Piano
James King – Bass
Greg Bandy – Drums
Mr. Bartz has created pioneering work in soul music, blazing jazz, blues and beyond over five decades and is a defining voice on his instrument, truly beyond category.
‘Nuff said.
Gary will record an entire live album before an audience here at The Loove over two nights in October, Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st, initiating our Fall live production series.
The event will be distributed on Loove Music’s upcoming profitsharing hub (stay tuned for news about that) in collaboration with Gary’s OYO records- OYO standing for Own Your Own, a movement to empower artists in the realm of commerce.
This is going to be a vibe.
If you’ve received this note, you’re invited!  It’s short notice, but we’d love to have you- please RSVP here and stay tuned for more information..
team Loove