Horizontal Improvisation


In this video I discuss:

* “Horizontal Improvising” and how it can help you to connect to your ‘inner thread’ of melody,  as opposed to using licks and vertical shapes.

*”Singing-ness”, which is a word I use to articulate the authentic infinite melody that is within you and which is forever in the present moment ie. your inner thread.

Included are Pdfs with all exercises and lead sheets.

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Horizontal Improvisation – Singing-Ness and Your Inner Thread

To me, this horizontal game strategy…. is one of the few ways to ACTUALLY CONNECT TO THE PRESENT MOMENT because it teaches us to listen. really listen to ourselves and then make a musical choice… in a split second. When you use the horizontal exercise over GIANT STEPS changes for example… you really see how it removes your options for falling back on licks, and shapes… and you must connect to what you hear…and this is an important way to get back to music… and what i call your inner thread. …having said that, yes, in time, you can mix this horizontal approach with licks, and devices… and thats actually what tends to happen when you play a gig or session with others on the bandstand…. but i would call this a: scientific/shed approach to learning to apply what you actually really do hear!….. A majority of musicians I teach or listen to just play stuff they have learned over some changes… and every song they play on sounds the same….. how do we get back to what’s occurring , musically , in the present moment? This is one way …. after a while ofcourse, you can try the strategy using triads?4ths? 3rds? whatever you imagination allows… but sticking to the parameters actually cracks the whole case wide open in terms of : nurturing actual spontaneity as apposed to our dull tricks and licks 🙂