Singing-ness and Audiation


In this lesson I discuss in detail what I consider to be the most crucial aspect of improvisation: Audiation  or “singing-ness”.

Why do the great players seem to have infinite ideas and flow? In my opinion it is because they are using Audiation.

“Don’t play the saxophone. Let it play you.“ 

-Charlie Parker



Singing-ness and Audiation

To me, Audiation or what I call “Singing-Ness” is one of the the most important and crucial aspects of improvisation and yet so few people practice it or are even aware of it?

In this lesson I explain

  • what “singing-ness” is and how it can help you connect with your inner flow and originality.
  • I tell stories from my musical life about how I discovered what it means and how it was taught to me.
  • I explore a number of specific audiation exercises to help you develop more flow and less “data dumping” (includes Mp3s and pdfs)
  • I discuss in detail the “Mandorla” symbol, which illustrates the importance of embracing the left brain, right brain paradox in order to express your music and what you really hear  in the present moment.
  • I include various practice mp3s, articles, quotes, resources and pdfs to help you grow fast.