McCoy Tyner’s linear approach: speculations and explorations


In this lesson I explore McCoy Tyners’s linear approach.

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In this lesson I go into detail about McCoy’s soloing and concepts. Using transcriptions and analysis we learn some approaches and devices that I have deduced myself or have been taught directly from musicians close to McCoy or who have worked in his bands.

McCoy Tyner was a genius and a savant. No one could really ever say how he arrived at his unique and very sophisticated sound which changed the musical landscape forever, but, its fun to make assumptions and create devices and ideas out of them.


Included with this lesson are various transcriptions and some in depth writings about McCoy.

One of the characteristics of my style is that I can take a dominant chord and do a lot of different things with it, utilizing suspensions and moving around that particular sound and really just developing it. -McCoy Tyner in an interview with Ben Sidran on September 23, 1985